Sunday 11th to Wednesday 14th February 2018


From Sunday 11th to Wednesday 14th February,  Martinique celebrates Carnival and time stops running out! The City Center of Fort de France becomes the scene of a review of Carnival where actors and spectators are mixed. Do not be fooled by the merry bands tumbling in parade or by the social figures sometimes intimidating like “Neg gwo siwo” “Papa Diab” … here the carnival is spontaneous, comic, extravagant, put-putting and everyone can participate.


Shrove Sunday

4.30am “Jou Ouvé” Big parade in pyjamas. Departure Canal Levassor “Rive Droite”.

 3pm “The Great Carnival of Martinique” Carnival performance of orchestras, street bands and the public.  Official coming out of the King of the party, His Majesty Vaval [Social satire of a current event symbolized by a giant character made of a metal structure installed on a truck]

Dress Code: Multicolor and various


Shrove Monday

3pm «Children’s Carnival»

Children Parade– Boulevard Général de Gaulle.

4pm Parade of Comic Weddings and traditional characters – All fantasies are permitted!

Dress Code: Funny – Extravagance – Eccentricity – Humor – Ceremony


Shrove Tuesday

3pm Red Devils Parade, emblematic figures of the Carnival of Martinique. Red and Black Parades

Dress code: Red and black


Ash Wednesday : Incineration Vaval

3pm Last day of jubilation for Carnival revelers. Funeral of the Majesty Vaval.

From 6pm Immolation of the King Vaval on the Waterfront

Dress Code: Black and White


Plan your next Carnival in Martinique 

  • 2019 : Sunday 3rd to Wednesday 6th March 
  • 2020: Sunday 23th to Wednesday 26th February